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CEO & Co-Founder, Tabnine
Global AI Solutions Lead, Accenture
Senior Vice President, Development and Engineering Platforms, Dell Technologies
Principal Product Lead, Microsoft
Field CTO, Public Sector, GitHub
Developer Relations Manager, TinyMCE
Principal Global Tech Lead - Conversational AI Partners Competency, AWS
Sr. Data & ML Engineer, AWS
Engineer, Program Development, Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute
Machine Learning Engineer, VMWare
Head of Enterprise & Partnerships, Codeium
Lead Conversational AI Consultant, Google
Director, Product & AI, VNTANA Corporation
Developer Advocate, Neo4j
Principal Product Evangelist, Tabnine
Cloud Solution Architect - Office of Chief Technology Officer, AIS
Google Developer Expert, Objective Consulting
Sr. Developer Advocate, Weaviate
Software Application Engineer,
CTO, Iterate.ai
CEO & Co-Founder, Sublayer
Technical Lead, Tiga.ai
Technical Solutions Manager, Google
Research Scientist,
Solutions Architect, Google
Data & ML Engineer, AWS Professional Services
CEO, Zerion Software
Principal and Founder, Synthminds.AI
Chief Scientist, Synthminds.AI
Accessibility Evangelist, Flexwind
Founder, VP of Technology, tkxel